Monday, March 2, 2009

There is superstition

I ain’t superstitious .


But I have a niggling fear that the fact that an albino gecko (get thee off  to Tanzania*) almost fell on my head as I was enjoying the cool Kampala air, as a bat flew around AND an owl was hooting all round me is somewhat portentous.


I could be wrong as I’d also thought it was a sign of the times when the rat, the bird and the squirrel drowned in the barrel outside our office in DC, all at the same time. In the same barrel. At the same time!


So, to re-iterate, I ain’t superstitious, but those anti-malarial prophylactics, vitamins, Hep B vaccine, seat belt, sun block (yeah, yeah …dark skinned-ed gets skin cancer too) are a must now.


After all, I ain’t superstitious. That much.



*I am going to hell in petrol surualis for this statement I know. Lakini ‘Truf is truf’.